Cine to DVD/Video

Forget struggling with the projector and screen and have your old cine films copied to either video or DVD.


Transfers from Regular (Standard) 8, Super 8 and 16mm are made using Elmo Transvideo machines. These machines were specifically built for the purpose. We do not use old and badly maintained home projectors and a screen, ours is a sealed system designed to achieve quality results.


We are also able to copy 9.5mm film using a purely reflective process that still achieves remarkably good images.


Choose to have your film transferred to VHS tape or for a small extra charge to DVD. Should you wish to edit your footage on your home computer we suggest contacting us to discuss the best way to approach your project.


Video to DVD transfer

Cine to DVD or Video

Slides to DVD

Video to Video and Standards Conversion



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