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Latest - Choosing a video to DVD transfer company

We're all about service! We offer a wide range of video and film transfer services, including Cine film to DVD and video to DVD, plus we pride ourselves on offering dealers a high level of service. As a family run business we understand the importance of the materials we handle.


These are real memories belonging to real people. We have a real empathy with our dealers and want them to reap the benefits of offering a transfer service.

All POS materials are provided as well as leaflets and posters. It's important to us that the photographic stores who are our dealers feel the benefit of offering these services, so we offer them good margins and work hard to push customers into their shops."

Cine film transfers still make up a lot of our workload, in fact we actually transfer upwards of 100,000 feet of cine film each week (thatís about 19 miles)! The quickest expansion in our business has come from the video to DVD transfers. Several formats of camcorder tape are rapidly becoming obsolete, and while that makes me feel quite old it does mean there are tens of thousands of hours of memories just waiting to be transferred and brought up to date.

As far as the future goes they are all geared for Hi Def transfers to Blu Ray and will of course, be offering them at very sensible prices with very sensible margins too!