Suggested Retail Prices

Prices may vary to include secure delivery to our central facility.


Video to DVD

At just �23 for the first 2 hours we offer excellent value for money. Each additional hour of transfer will cost just �8.


(Unlike some other suppliers we do not charge for tape changes or per disc we use. The more video you give us the better value we are! No additional charge from overseas videotapes.)


Video to Video

Prices for the transfer of the most popular video formats to VHS start at �14 for the first 2 hours with each additional hour costing just �1.50.


Standards Conversions

From all common video formats to VHS. �25 for the first hour and �11 per additional hour.


Cine to DVD Transfers

Guide Prices . . . Prices are dependent on size and quantity of spools. For a full quote please contact us or your local agent.

Example prices:

50ft reels to video �7.00

200ft reels to video �24.00

400ft reels to video �30.00


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