Slides to DVD

Many enthusiasts chose to use slide film, mainly for its ability to resolve incredible detail.


These days only a true enthusiast would want to set up the screen and projector. But thanks to modern digital techniques we are able to offer a slide to DVD service which aims to achieve the best possible results from any collection of slides.


Slides are individually scanned and where needed are corrected for colour and density as much as is possible.


The presentation on the DVD shows each slide for around ten seconds then dissolves gently into the next image.


Extra copies of the disc can be made cheaply at the time of order and we can even make a VHS tape as well if you require. Perhaps you would also like a CD of the scanned images to use on your PC. These can also be ordered.


Video to DVD transfer

Cine to DVD or Video

Slides to DVD

Video to Video and Standards Conversion


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